About US

JAR’S Plastic Enterprise Co.,Ltd is Taiwan’s leading PET perform manufacturer, competitive prices due to economies of scale, high consistent.
JAR’S Plastic Enterprise Co.,Ltd founded in 1988, is one of the leading plastic companies in Taiwan and one of the few companies capable of providing customers with a comprehensive solution through an enclosed process;, from mold designing, manufacturing, sampling, and manufacturing plastic products with injection and blow processes to printing, labeling, and delivering. With above processes, we certainly ensure the perfect quality and on time delivery to our customers.

With the slogan to bring the satisfaction to the customers, you will be served by a term of enthusiastic and creative professional always strive to bring our customers the best possible products with;
‧ Satisfactory quality
‧ Competitive price
‧ On time delivery
Our ambition is to bring JAR’S to become the leading plastic molding and manufacturing company in Asia.

What can we do better than others?
1) We are able to produce any PET preform (with any neck size, weight and color)meeting your exact specifications.
2) We have an international and technical skilled sales and support team.
3) For our PET perform we only use 100% new resins, 100% FDA approved with the highest quality, imported from the world’s leading producers.
4) We differentiate ourselves to other Asian PET perform producers, as we are able to control 100% of the manufacturing processes, because we produce our own molds and don’t use sub-contractors.
5) Our customer’s appreciate the transparency and toughness of our PET performs, as well as our careful packaging.

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No.128, Nanhaipu, Xigang Dist., Tainan 72344, Taiwan 
(+886) 6-7959989
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Email: petjars888@gmail.com

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